Ever had people gripe because the second line of a list item doesn’t align under the bullet correctly? (This is only a problem in IE by the way – Firefox does the work for you.)

So here is an example of the problem (remember if your not viewing in IE you won;t see anything wrong.) :

  • Over 50 years of staffing
    industry knowledge
  • Here is how I fixed it, first the code:

    <li>Over 50 years of staffing </li>
    <li class=”bullet-hidden”><span class=”bullet-visible”>industry knowledge</span></li>

    Then the CSS styles:

    .bullet-visible {

    .bullet-hidden {

    If for some reason you can define the style sheets or don;t want ot you can do it directly in the code as follows:

    <li>Over 50 years of staffing </li>
    <li style=”visibility: hidden;”><span style=” visibility:visible;”>industry knowledge</span></li>

    And abracadabra:

  • Over 50 years of staffing
  • industry knowledge
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