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Sometimes little tips can save a lot of time when it comes to programming.

This one is very handy, for when you find yourself having to grab some code you had written in regular html and change it to be called by a php echo statement.

When I had to do this in the past, I found the biggest time drain was escaping all the quotes (Otherwise the first quote in the html would stop the echo call prematurely.)

Well here is an incredibly easy way to avoid having to do that …. simply use single quotes to define your echo call and then your double quotes won’t break the php code.

For instance you have a simple linked image like this:

<a href=”” target=”_top”><img src=”/image.gif”></a>

Normally you would have to escape all those quotes like this:

echo “<a href=\”\” target=\”_top\”><img src=\”/image.gif\”</a>”;

Instead just use the single quotes like this:

echo ‘<a href=”” target=”_top”><img src=”/image.gif”></a>’;

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